Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 8: Snow?!?

Today was another day of driving~

There was no concert scheduled, today, but we had a whole lot of driving to do...about 5.5 hours to be exact!  We left Raton, New Mexico in the morning and headed north toward Denver, Colorado.  Once we got there, westward we went over the Rocky Mountains.

The mountains in Colorado are amazing...especially when we headed up in elevation and saw them covered in snow.  The interesting thing, though, was that there were tons of trees which had not yet lost their leaves and were a gorgeous yellow; next to the white snow, it was quite a sight to behold!

Tomorrow night, 


My car is filthy. :(  But 


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  1. No snow.......... leave it in Colorado ! LOL The trees are all turning colors and it's beautiful !! Travel safe . Have fun.