Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 16: Cornfields around Algona, Iowa!

Whew!  A long day of driving, a trip to see Warren Buffet's house, and a concert in Algona~

The oceans of cornfields around here are unbelievable.  Really!  The concert was at an old middle school (now used as a concert hall) and the audience was great.  It's really good to have Stella and my dad with me for a few days~

Tomorrow we are off to St. James, MN!

Concert time!

Breakfast with Stella and Daddy!

CD Signing!


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  1. Still going strong ! Yeah ! Glad to learn your concerts are ALL A SUCCESS . Keep up your strength! I'm enjoying the photos you are posting. Smiles all around. Rest up for the next performance. Eyes on the road. Travel safe !