Sunday, July 1, 2012

Clubbing (well...sort of): New York Yacht Club and Johnny Rockets

The club scene in New York is often thought of as involving skimpy dresses, high heels, and vodka fountains. Men and unattractive women stand outside for inordinate periods of time as beautiful young ladies walk through the doors like Donald Trump enters a board room...that is, like a boss.

On Friday, however, I found myself at another type of without as many ladies, but with a lot

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The New York Yacht Club is situated right next door to the Harvard Club of New York (of which I knew not the location until the other day). I had the great opportunity of eating with the Executive Director of the Bagby, who is a long-time member. The name is kind of misleading, however, for instead of yachts being the club's forte, they actually pride themselves in sailing. And I dont necessarily mean those tiny sail boats you see BU people riding around on the Charles in...I mean huge sailboats used for competitive purposes to win giant cups.

The club has a great unlimited seafood buffet during much of the year...and that's exactly what we went there to get. The inside of the dining area was modeled to look like the inside of a ship.

Round 1:

Dessert Bar...mmmmmmm...:

My expertly-crafted dessert. Watch out, Gordon Ramsey:

After lunch, we got to walk around the club and see some of these boats. There were tons of models and whatnot on the walls, as well as the different ships that were used for the America Cup throughout the years.

These windows were modeled after a ship's windows:

On another note, I was at Johnny Rockets to eat this weekend as well, thanks to Groupon Now!, and insisted on also getting a balloon (which is admittedly tied to my arm now as I write this out in the Atrium on 53rd and 3rd Ave.

Stella was completely embarrassed. Mission accomplished. :)


  1. Hah!
    What a fabulous place!!! History kind of oozes out of the walls.

    1. Yeah, it was really cool! New York is full of those kinds of places...I often stayed at the Lotos Club over the past few years while giving concerts in New York, which is a literary one...Mark Twain used to be a member! :)